insight Acquisition System (iAS) - Software Application

  DreamSoft’s insight Acquisition System (iAS) is a Base Ready Application which can communicate with Data Loggers, PLC’s & HMI’s with TCP/IP or FTP Protocol for Logging Temperature, Humidity or any other Environmental Parameters. This Base Ready Product is for Manufacturers of Stability Chambers, Data Loggers, Autoclaves, Scanners, Controllers, Cold Room Manufacturers etc. It’s a Desktop / Browser Based Application with Client-Server Architecture available. Both Application Versions are Part 21 CFR Chapter 11 Compatable as per Pharma Guidelines. Data Logging Application is also available for Auto Clave Devices in Batch Data logging Mode. Strong Backend Service for Continious and Batch Data Logging is the key point for this Application. Our Data Logging Application's 4,500 successful installations have been done by our Partner Network. If you are a Data Logger, PID Controllers or Stability Equipments or AutoClave / Cold Room Manufacturer then you can tie up with us to get most

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Industrial Automation Software Solutions

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Zelenka BTR

Zelenka BTR is an Application to Backup & Truncate Multiple MS SQL Databases in an Auto Mode. Database Restore Utility is also given. Main Purpose of this Application is in Industrial Environment where SCADA generates so many Databases in MS SQL Server to Log Process Data, Client always wants an Auto Utility which will take care of the Scheduled Backups. Also, due to Size Limitations of SQL Express Server Edition, Users wants to Truncate the Data from Database post taking Backup of the same. This is an Auto Scheduler based Application which is One Time Configurable and then will work for Months and Years to come. Zelenka BTR has Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Options for Backup and Truncate which are configurable. This Application is very critical for Scheduling Backup and Truncate Tasks with Schedules for Multiple Databases. Contact Us for Demo & Further Knowledge.- #Batchreportingapplication #Datalogreportingapplicat

Introduction of Zelenka

Zelenka has different Products to offer namely Reporting Solution, Windows User Management & Industrial Alarm Management by SMS and Email. All Products are designed in a manner where Field Level engineers can also design reports and give required Solutions to Clients very easily and without having to write a Single Line of Code. Products are updated with better features and functionality on a regular basis and additional customization Layer addition is also possible as per various challenges given by the End Client. YouTube Video Link: Contact Us for Demo & Further Knowledge.- #Batchreportingapplication #Datalogreportingapplication #reportingsoftwareforindustrialautomation #scadareportingsoftware #reportgenerationinscada #bestreportingsoftware #industrialreportsanddashboards #industrialautomationreportingtool #reportingtoolforscada #webbasedreportingtools #Web-basedreportingsoftware #automated

Greeting From Dreamsoft IT solutions Pvt. Ltd. & Paryana Automation Pvt. Ltd.

  Greeting From Dreamsoft IT solutions Pvt. Ltd. & Paryana Automation Pvt. Ltd. #ZelenkaSolutions #Dreamsoft #automation #industrialautomation #industrialautomationexhibition #Nesco #thankyou #thanks #ThanksForVisitingUs

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DreamSoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd   Paryana Automation Pvt Ltd   Participated in Industrial Automation Expo 2022    #ZelenkaSolutions #Dreamsoft #automation #industrialautomation #industrialautomationexhibition #Nesco #thankyou #thanks #thanksforvisitingus